Join Our Group!

We are the Storytellers. Our mission is to use our performative talents to sow seeds of transformation into our community in the hopes that, through sharing our own songs and stories, we create pathways for dialogue where there should be, compassion where there could be, and for peace where there might still be conflict.

As suggested by our name, the Storytellers is a group of individuals who share and elicit stories alongside the audience. In a world filled with division due to race, politics, class, and religion, sometimes the only way to reach across the aisle of division is to partake in a story that captures the essence of humanity. We are known for our unique brand of blending storytelling and music, and are looking for individuals to join us on that mission. 

Our Values are to:

  • Build community
  • Spread joy
  • Cultivate compassion
  • Work hard
  • Give back
  • Share openly
  • Create art through our music/narratives

We have TONS of opportunities as a group. In the last few years we have collaborated with:

–The Denver Museum of Nature and Science (several times)

–Denver City Council

–City of Arvada

Union Hall

–Visit Denver

–Move United

and are often requested to perform for community gatherings, private events and city occasions.

We pride ourselves on fair compensation of our members, and members are compensated around $150-$300/hr (sometimes much more) on almost all gig opportunities (outside of our self-produced concerts). 

This group has been an amazing way to give back to the community while also supporting the individual members of the group. 

At the moment, we’re looking for a member with a strong Bass range.

We are looking for someone who:

–Has a singing/musical background

–Is comfortable with storytelling (or willing to learn)

–Is comfortable with collaborative musical improvisation (or willing to learn)

–Has the time and bandwidth to be an active contributor to our group

–Experience with vocal percussion is a plus, but not required.

 We especially encourage those from a diverse background to audition.  

Auditioning with the Storytellers typically takes about a half hour. You can expect to prepare 30-60 seconds of a song that shows off your voice. We will also do a couple of group warm-ups together and a brief interview.

If you are interested in auditioning, or if you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at