About The Storytellers

We are an all-male vocal quintet who fuses the power of song and narrative to build community. We’ve sung all over Colorado, partnering with organizations and businesses to create spaces for people to connect through our art form.

Our members have experience performing pop, jazz, gospel, rap, classical, R&B, and opera, and we’ve performed for city celebrations, corporate events, weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, and more!

Our Goals

Every time we perform, we aim to achieve three things:

  1. To build community through audience engagement. Whether it’s giving our audience a conversation prompt to discuss, inviting someone to join us on stage, or teaching a part to sing along with us — we are committed to creating bonds and leaving our listeners with full hearts.
  1. To find exciting ways of enhancing our performances beyond one medium. At our last big show, we told personal stories from our pasts, wove skits into our songs, improvised group songs and freestyle musical verse, and taught our audience music of distant cultures. These fusions not only enhance our own performances, but they allow us to customize every performance that our clients and partners hire us for.
  1. To embrace creativity. Whether it’s performing in an art gallery or children’s book store, some of our best collaborations have come in non-traditional spaces and at unexpected times (even by surprise!).

So if you want to get in touch about working with us, CLICK HERE